Who Am I?

I'm Morgan Bryn Lees, a nonbinary (they/them pronouns) comic creator, writer, and artist who grew up in and still resides in Michigan. I write mostly science fiction and draw mostly fantasy, and tend toward comic stories that aren't neatly categorized as either. You can find my portfolio and convenient links to all my other projects at my main website. My completed webcomic, Corner the Maze, is still up on the web and will remain so.

I also enjoy racing, reading, cycling, hiking and landscape photography, watching hockey and motorsport, listening to power metal and hard rock, and playing roleplaying games, board games, and computer games. Some or all of that might end up showing up here. I live with some of my family and our cats.

What Is Scattered Leaves?

This is primarily my newsletter, where you'll hear about new projects I'm starting and get updates on ongoing projects. It's also something of a blog, where I'll be putting assorted musings and perhaps the occasional short story or poem. It could end up serving a few other functions as well, in which case this section will be updated.