Hi! Welcome to my newsletter/blog!

You're probably wondering right now exactly what sort of things you'll be getting in your inbox if you sign up, which is a thoroughly reasonable thing to be wondering. I can't answer that entirely just yet, because this is something of an experiment, and exactly what form it ends up taking may not be resolved for a few months or a year. I'm currently in the process of looking at everything I do and figuring out what to prioritize, so the precise mix of stuff that you hear about may change.

What I can tell you for sure is that you'll get updates whenever I launch a new project, and you'll get updates if something changes significantly. For example, when my next webcomic goes up there will be an update, and there also will be if I have new books or merchandise to do with that webcomic (or Corner the Maze). A story or book being published would also get its own update, things of that scale.

Smaller updates will be included in a monthly report that'll go out towards the end of the month (or the start of the next, if I happen to be particularly busy in the last week of a given month). That will include convention appearances, things I'm working on, what I've been up to in a general way, and so forth.

Musings, stories or poems I have no intention of seeking publication for, and worldbuilding dives for projects I'm working on will show up on no particular schedule as posts and will be subscription only.

So, basic rundown: sign up to the newsletter if you want updates from me whenever I've got something new going on, and want to know generally what I'm up to. Subscribe at $5/month if you want all the other stuff, too. Either way, nice to have you here!